Scientific knowledge

for a better future.

PubTrawlr is a science-technology company based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
We’re a small team of researchers and data scientists who
have come together to solve a big problem.

The Problem:

Published research data isn't readily available, easily consumable, and often hidden behind paywalls. Researchers and laypeople struggle with Google's bias and untrustworthy search results.

The Solution:

Our weekly newsletters deliver the most important health and science information right to your inbox, making it easy to stay informed. 2) We offer customizable navigators for organizations, ensuring your team always has access to the latest insights. We're also building an AI tool, PubTrawlr, that intelligently evaluates scientific research, simplifies it, and provides concise, bitesize responses to your inquiries. Contact us to learn more!

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Our Mission:

Our mission is to spread knowledge for a better future and shorten the gap between research being published and those findings being implemented across institutions, researchers, and laypeople alike.

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