At PubTrawlr, we aim to increase the joy and inspiration that comes from engaging with scientific literature.

We do that by making it easier to sort through and stay on top of news studies as they come out. We offer several products to help you with that.

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Consistent research has shown that there can be up to a 17-year gap between when something is published in the scientific literature and when the public at large actually uses it. Not only that, only 14% of published articles filter down to the people who can benefit from them.

This huge gap creates many cascading consequences. Students may not be getting the most up-to-date information in their classes and studies. Commercial industries may not have an awareness of the current developments (and opportunities) in their field. And most importantly, patients are potentially not getting the best treatments available because medical professionals don’t know they exist

But why? Reading journal articles can be difficult. Many people don’t have full access to what journals have to offer. And, synthesizing research can be a long, trying process even for people who can access it.

PubTrawlr is a web-based application that collects, organizes, analyzes, summarizes, and recommends published studies. For a given search topic, it generates user-friendly charts & graphs, along with targeted article recommendations.

To accomplish this, PubTrawlr leverages advances in artificial intelligence to more effectively and efficiently process results. We talk more about our methods in this open-access article.

5335 Days of Implementation Science

We offer three services currently individual and organizational accounts. Our open search synthesizes the peer-reviewed literature on any scientific topic and is available at both free and premium subscription levels. The Premium Search pulls many more articles (potentially into the thousands) and implements more sophisticated algorithms to summarize the text.

101 Days of Science

101 Days of Science is an e-magazine that presents a regular, curated synthesis of emerging trends in specific fields.  Not only do we pull the scientific literature; we pull articles from the mainstream news so was can see what the public discourse is around your topic.

So people who want to stay on top of bipolar disorder treatment or occupational therapy research can get the most up-to-date information, sorted and summarized. We are adding new issues all the time, so if you want something that we don’t currently offer, reach out to us and we will can prioritize adding it!

Full Database Integration

Maybe you’re a university or a hospital system and you already have subscriptions and licenses with many journal providers? No problem!  Our tech team can fully integrate with your existing licenses by effectively “sitting on top” of your services. This way, you can leverage the breadth of your databases with the powerful synthesis technology that PubTrawlr provides. If interested, reach out to us so we can see if we can meet you needs.

⭐Special Projects⭐

Coming soon, we are going to be deploying single-issue white papers.  You type in the topic of your choice, we pull everything together on demand. No-fuss, no muss.

We also take on commissioned projects for specialized needs. For example, we’ve been able to apply our algorithms to grant applications, client interviews, blog posts, and more. If you are looking to make meaning of large amounts of text-based data, we can help you.

Reach out to us at projects@pubtrawlr.com for more information.