We are driven by making science more accessible. To do this, we comb the research to find the most impactful and cutting-edge findings.

This Week in Public Health

This Week in Public Health simplifies and highlights important public health research to make science accessible and engaging for everyone. We transform complex studies into easy-to-understand insights, bridging the gap between research and its real-world application.

This Week In Science

This Week in Science aims to bridge the gap between scientific research and everyday knowledge for the STEM fields and beyond. We help ignite a passion for science in the classroom and beyond.

Our Specialty Publications

This Week in School Psychology

This Week in School Psychology spotlights the week’s most essential developments in educational mental health research. We cover trends in neurodevelopment, teaching, and the treatment of positive mental health in youth!

This Week in Pet Health

Pets are deeply loved members of our families. At This Week in Pet Health, we help you stay on top of recent science to be the best advocate for your pets.

This Week in Soccer

This Week in Soccer gives you the most recent science behind the beautiful game. We explore soccer analytics, coaching methods, and insights on player development, turning complex data and studies into clear, useful advice. Come join us to give you and your team the tools to excel in soccer. It’s not just a game; it’s an art and science that takes soccer to higher levels.