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We’re recruiting skilled bloggers!

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As we move to get 101 Days of Science ready to launch, we’re looking to keep growing our content to help people make sense of the science. We’re hiring freelance bloggers to share their insights and perspectives.

We publish many types of articles, including:

  • Article Commentary. Did a new article come out with a surprising or counterintuitive finding? What about articles that were extremely influential in your career development? Walk us through them!
  • Explaining Methods and/or Infographics. Picking up scientific articles is intimidating. We want to find ways to simply and succinctly explain key concepts like: measurement, significance, means, and more. Sound too basic? You’ve got to crawl before you walk (usually 😉).
  • Interviews with Key Researchers and Practitioners. What do people in out on the front lines have to say about the challenges of getting things into practice? We’d love to hear from diverse perspectives.
  • Novel Uses of PubTrawlr. PubTrawlr is designed to navigate through huge numbers of findings. Let use know how you’ve been using it to solve your research and investigative problems.

PubTrawlr pays per blog with incentives based on the number of readers. So, if you publish something that really gets traction, we’ll pay out.

For more information, reach out to us at gavin [at]

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