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No, we haven’t abandoned our post

Morning, folks. We’re knee-deep in preparation for the APHA conference in about 10 days. As part of that prep, we’re been implementing a pretty substantive overhaul of the design of… Read More

A Brief Twitter Recap of #GIC2021

The Global Implementation Conference has just wrapped. Despite my own personal ambivalence toward online gatherings, the whole thing went on without a hitch. The content was great; the presentations and… Read More

Webscraping for Contextual Data

Here’s something a little outside our normal content. We are presenting this week (May 3, 2021) on the use of web-scraping to better understand context. While this doesn’t concern the… Read More

PubTrawlr Need Writers!

We want to make science accessible. Part of that is helping people understand how science is generated and what findings mean. Come help us spread knowledge far and wide. We… Read More

Cross-posting on health equity.

Let’s start at the beginning. Health outcomes can vary for no other reason than where people are born. And this isn’t even a “developed” vs. “developing” country distinction. In the… Read More