The Core Competencies: The Week in #impsci

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Let’s go Socratic for a second. What does it mean to be an implementation practitioner? By that, if you were a person who was interested in getting good ideas into practice, what are the fundamental skill or first principles you need to adopt?

The Center for Implementation has the answer. When I was going over the Twitter results for this week’s post, I say that the most frequent phrase was “core competencies.” Thanks to some good SEO, and frankly being the premier firm looking to actually mainstream implementation practice, the first results that come up on google was a .pdf that TCI put together early last year. Here’s a direct link to it, (which will start a file download.) It’s well worth your time to dig into and explore. You could also dig into this article, which cites TCI’s work.

To the weekly results.

Descriptive Data

And, to reiterate, core competencies was the phrase of the week. The other interesting trend was a lot of mentions of genomics. Can implementation science get epigenetic? Interesting to find out!

Top Tweeters and Tweets

Man, NIRN was lucky to claim ImpScience early in the game, right?

And the tweets of week. To humblebrag, we were on a paper with Rinad a long time ago.

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