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Upgrades GALORE!

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Right in time for the American Public Health Association Conference, we wanted to announce several major user improvements to PubTrawlr.

Our sleek new landing page

Together with Hammer Marketing and Mind Design and Development, we have a clean new look to help guide your scientific searches.

Predictive searching

Maybe you know what you’re looking for, but don’t know how to spell it. Getting an error page was no fun. So, using an idea from Dr. Jason Timm, we were able to implement a very comprehensive database of possible search terms.

Now, if your term doesn’t come up automatically, don’t fear! Keep searching and we’ll still show you what the articles say.

Dynamic Quick Search

We ported the display method currently in use for 101 Days of Science to our quick search. This gives you a much more dynamic analysis template to explore recent topics and trends.

Behind the scenes –> SPEED

Some numbers first. We search for results in about 50 million articles, then do some pretty robust NLP algorithms on them. This can take time. So, we’re working on finding ways to shortcut that. We have addressed some of this the searching algorithm. Now your reports run nearly 70% faster than our older methods. And we’re still working on speeding it up even more!

And MORE!!!

We have a bunch of special things on the backend and in development to make this even better, stay tuned for:

  • GPT-3 integration
  • Additional Databases (included popular news)
  • Finally, the 101 Launch

If you are in Denver, swing by our booth at the expo, pull up a chair, and talk science and implementation. As a bonus, leave with some swag.

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