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Now I’m not great at writing academic articles, but many people are. Last year, Dr. Scott and I published our NLP review of articles in about 1700 articles published in Implementation Science, the premier outlet for those interested in research into getting research into practice (yes, it can sometimes seem a bit like navel-gazing.)

In honor of our FIRST EVER 101 DAYS OF SCIENCE Issue on implementation science (the field), I thought I’d revisit this journal. Specifically, I wanted to see who the true article influencers were over the past 14 years. To do, this, I did a fresh pull of every single article ever published in Implementation Science (the journal). I then analyzed who published with who to see whether the big collaborator networks are.

A total of 6394 people have published here as of February 26th, 2022. Let’s dive into the specifics. This first graph shows the top 30 published authors.

I then looked at relationships between people on specific papers. Basically, who is published with who and how frequently. This crowded plot below shows the top 200 publishing relationships. That’s Grimshaw in the middle there. Here, we can see clusters of collaborators.

Let’s up the number to the top 500 published relationships. Many of the nodes on the exterior now connect. We see some big-ish clusters still around Grimshaw, but also an axis at the bottom of the graph that includes Damschroder and Chambers.

Just for fun; let’s max out the relationships at say, 5000. The results are bonkers. There’s a gigantic cluster in the bottom left-hand corner that accounts for most people. However, we still see some people on the periphery of this, notably Greenhalgh, author of a super influential article on the diffusion of innovations.

How about 101 Days of Science, though?

We are finally launching our 101 Days of Science this week. Every few months, right in your inbox, you can get the latest in topics and trends on diverse fields and conditions. This week, we’re launching with three topics close to my own professional development and growth: Implementation Science, Community Psychology, and Health Equity. Head on over to our registration page to sign up and subscribe today.

And, do you have a topic you’re interested in? Well, we plan to roll out other topics in the coming days and weeks, so if you have something you want to prioritize, let us know!

Maybe it’s Pephigus Disorders?

Maybe it’s breast cancer treatment?

Maybe it’s qualitative methods?

Whatever it might be, we can cook something up for you to help you more effectively comb the research and act upon the findings.

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