A Brief Twitter Recap of #GIC2021

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The Global Implementation Conference has just wrapped. Despite my own personal ambivalence toward online gatherings, the whole thing went on without a hitch. The content was great; the presentations and storyboards led to dynamic interactions…it was FUN.

In lieu of abstract harvesting, let’s take a brief minute to look at some of the words and trends that showed up across Twitter. To assemble this data, I used Twitter’s API to pull all tweets with the #GIC2021 hashtag over the past week.

First, I did some simple word and phrase counts to see what people were talking about. These results are probably in line with people’s expectations.  Still, it’s nice to see equity so high because it confirms that the conference theme was filtering out into the online discussion.

Next, I did a network plot to look more at the interrelationships between words. This shows us the ways that certain phrases were pulled together. The size of the circle represents a more frequently used work; the thickness of the line represents a more frequently occurring relationship. Here, we can see how specific people (Julia Moore and Francisca Infante) were mentioned a lot.  My eye also gravitates to the AI phrase.  The future is now.

Finally, let’s take stock of who the main tweeters were.  This graph shows the top twenty tweeters by their total number of tweets.  Congrats, @melissa_vandyke, you take the gold.

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Didn’t get your PubTrawlr coupon code?

 Well, reach out to us at jon [at] pubtrawlr.com and we’ll send it your way.

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Web scraping for Contextual Data. We talk about Twitter analysis (like seen above), but also some of our work looking at readiness in textual indicators. 

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