May 2021 in Community Psychology

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Before we close the book on May 2021 and get charged up for the upcoming SCRA conference, let’s take a last minute to look backward! It was kind of a thin month for community psychology publications: only 35 total. Still, we can extract some interesting insights from what people are publishing on.

Like normal, we like to start out with a good old word cloud. In these figures, the size of the word corresponds to its relative frequency of use. The color gradient is just a stylistic flourish on my end. (The thing that jumps out to me is the big “19” right in the middle. We’re likely to continue to see this as a major research focus for the coming years. Yes indeed.)

With so few articles, topic clustering methods don’t work as well. Like all big data paradigms, the more that we put into the algorithm, the better our results. Suicide research has been on my mind recently (and I’ll be recapping that within the next few days). The representative article for Topic 10, Suicidal ideation among active and nonactive/former Latter-day Saint sexual minorities really seems interesting. Maybe it does to you too?

Because of the data preprocessing methods that I used, some of the acronyms can lose their meaning. “CBPR” is, of course, community-based participatory research. I couldn’t track down BSC or SRV.

The articles that are most representative of each topic can be found in the downloadable table below. A minor note: PubMed messed up the title of the SCRA policy statement on Supporting Immigrants’ Resistance to Injustice and Oppression. That error’s not on me!

A few plugs.

We’ll be sponsoring the upcoming SCRA conference later this month. Swing on by and talk to us to learn more about how we crunch lots and lots of scientific data into neat little boxes. We might even have a few surprises for you, straight from the briny deep. We also submitted a proposal or two from our more bonkers R&D department, so hopefully we get to share those with you.

We’re still looking for writers who can speak about how we can put good ideas into practice. We here at PubTrawlr want to get knowledge beyond the journals, and into the hands of people who can do something with it.

Did you know about academic paper mills? I didn’t, and learned a ton while researching the latest retraction report for May.

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