Why your feedback is more valuable than you think……..

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Starting this week, we’re rolling out a simpler feedback widget. Look how friendly it is!

But our purpose is two-fold. Sure, we want to know how the website is doing and how to improve it. That is one of our core values — we are always improving until we hit that Platonic Ideal.

More excitingly, though, is we plan to use this data to improve the semantics of our search process. By gathering information about the quality of the results, and then using deep neural networks model to see how words and relationships between words predict quality, we can more effectively yield deeper, more meaningful results.

We’ll have more on the underlying science for this in the coming months, but for the time being, give us a smile, a frown, or a flat face. Your open and honest ratings will make science clearer and more understandable to people with the desire, motivation, and curiosity to dig in.

After all, by participating in improving science…well, see below.

A Winner Is You | Know Your Meme

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