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What PubTrawlr will achieve

Scientific knowledge is all around us, but it can be difficult to understand and use it. The sheer size, complexity, and uncertain quality of scientific literature make it difficult for… Read More

Scraping the news for insights

Health equity is a major topic and research focus over the past few years. And with good reason! For those of us who want wellbeing to improve in our communities,… Read More

Getting Acquainted with ArXiv

The ArXiv (pronounced “archive”) is a digital library that archives papers in physics, computer science, mathematics, and other scientific disciplines. It was established because not many journals would accept emails… Read More

It’s been a while!

Is busyness ever a valid excuse? Probably not. We’ve been working on a ton of underlying improvements that we plan to showcase when we launch our next update. We plan… Read More

New Article! –> Putting all the pieces together.

Together with colleagues from the Universities of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Charlotte, along with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, we are super stoked to finally see Blending Participatory Action…

Three ways to get the full text of any research article for free

The best way to engage deeply with scientific research is to read the articles. Unfortunately, scientific articles are sometimes locked behind paywalls. Although many journals provide a per article purchase… Read More

B is for Best Practice

Let’s make no bones about it. We only want to implement things that will work. We want to select and implement changes with evidence that they will make a difference… Read More