Extra! Extra! Read all about it: PubTrawlr hiring newsletter coordinator!

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Looking for a couple of hours?

PubTrawlr is hiring!

We have a pretty active blog but we have vastly underutilized direct email marketing. We need a motivated and creative individual, with experience in Mailchimp or similar software platforms, to coordinate our direct outreach to potential customers.

This person would:

  • Design an email template for a biweekly newsletters
  • Develop interesting factoids and content to encourage engagement with newsletters.
  • Integrate current contacts from our CRM
  • Develop content to be cross-posted on our blog.
  • Develop short-term promotional strategies to encourage sales. This could include promotional codes and swag giveaways (we have cool stuff –> shirts, mugs, and a secret stash of “black label” products.
  • Manage the prospect database.
  • Segment different versions of the newsletter based on our customer verticles. We market to both businesses and individuals.


  • Familiarity with marketing literature
  • Desire to continue to research best practices in newsletter development tactics (using sources such as Medium)
  • A good design sense


This would be a contract position and would pay $15 per hour. We expect it would be about 3-4 hours per week, so it’s a great way to have some walking around money!

Reach out to us at Jon or Matt [at] PubTrawlr.com

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