Pull Up a Seat to a Safe Harbor

We wouldn’t be where are without the amazing open source communities that thrive around the internet, full stop. Anytime I had a debugging problem when putting together PubTrawlr or Readiness Learning Systems,… Read More

C is for Champion

Whenever we go into a new setting, one of our first tasks is to find the people who to be our cheerleaders. These are your key opinion leaders, the person… Read More

B is for Best Practice

Let’s make no bones about it. We only want to implement things that will work. We want to select and implement changes with evidence that they will make a difference… Read More

A is for Adaptation

A brief introduction. Implementation science is the study of how to get good ideas into practice. Over the past twenty or so years, there has been a huge amount of… Read More

We’ve got a backlog

Just a quick heads up. We’ve got a backlog of posts that we’ll be getting to; maybe even later this week? So stay tuned!

Moving downtown!

This is an enhanced reality post. We strongly recommend that you hit play on this video before reading. Got a melody in your head? Good! PubTrawlr is moving! We’ve relocated… Read More

My favorite thing from NCI

In the US, the major federal funder of implementation science research is the National Cancer Institute. They have a full section, the Consortium for Cancer Implementation Science (CCIS) dedicated to… Read More