Month: July 2021

What Can We Learn from Laggards?

 Laggard – n. One that lags or lingers; a straggler. A few years ago I was working in schools helping to introduce a new behavior management system to teachers. After several months,… Read More

The week in #healthequity

A key aspect of community-based work is participation. People on the ground, such as community members, service recipients, and those providing services, should have a say in the types of… Read More

The week in #healthequity.

A little bit late today. We just got off a great kickoff call with the Rhode Island Department of Health to help build capacity for population-level health equity. And, as… Read More

The week in #sustainability

Sustainability means different things to different people. In my home field of implementation science, it refers to the conditions that allow interventions to mainstream and perpetuate over time. For my… Read More

The week in #MedTwitter

We try to keep on top of a few key social media trends. #Medtwitter is generally the most lively and the most diverse of the topics we monitor.