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The land you live and work on.

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Our sister company, The Dawn Chorus Group, is involved in many community-based research and evaluation projects. This work is part of our larger overall mission of getting good ideas into practice. More and more, our partner meetings are beginning with an indigenous peoples’ land acknowledgment.

A land acknowledgment speaks to, and about, the original inhabitants of the places where we live and work. The purpose is to celebrate the vital history that preceded us while realizing that this history has been marred by atrocities.

But it’s not all grim! The indigenous people still play a vital and vibrant role, and we can raise up their voices and promote their issues so that this rich culture continues to play a role in the future of our community.

Our Acknowledgment

PubTrawlr is in downtown Reading, PA on the banks of the Schuylkill River. The Lenni Lenape people called this area (and much of the area to the Southeast), home.

To find out who lived on your land, check out this amazing resource and map.

Find out the history of your land

Click on the below link to explore a frequently updated map of the traditional territories of the indigenous people of the Americas.

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