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Scientific knowledge is all around us, but it can be difficult to understand and use it. The sheer size, complexity, and uncertain quality of scientific literature make it difficult for good ideas to spread.

This is unacceptable. Science is a public good. It is funded by the public so that the public can benefit from it.

We need better ways to get findings into the hands of people who can use and apply them.

Most people say that there is not enough time to do everything they need to do, let alone stay on top of the literature. If organizations don’t have the skills to engage with emerging studies, they are at a disadvantage when it comes to innovation and competition. If the best evidence isn’t being used, then the best possible results won’t be achieved.

A better way

PubTrawlr is an artificial intelligence-driven software to help people more easily and effectively monitor and consume scientific literature. This software makes it easier for the public to understand research findings. Our services are available to both individuals and organizations.

PubTrawlr’s novel, proprietary software, and interface aims to provide rapid synthesis and scientific article recommendations to reduce the time and effort needed to screen and sort the literature. To date, we have not found any current search services that focus on both synthesis and ease of access.

We see many different types of verticles, including institutes of higher learning, governmental and non-governmental social service organizations (including hospital systems), and clinicians. This is because it can greatly reduce the time and resources needed to engage with scientific literature.

And that article is even open access!

Dr. Jonathan P. Scaccia leads PubTrawlr. He is an internationally recognized community researcher and implementation scientist who has seen and studied the cost of poor access to scientific findings for over a decade. He has assembled a diverse advisory board and support team consisting of experts in public health, sustainable investing, marketing, business development, and UX/UI design.

We are currently working with three non-profits and one university library. We recently released a new content-specific product and are starting affiliate marketing. And, we continue to make cutting-edge technical improvements to push the underlying science forward. Together, we can make science matter more.

PubTrawlr: It’s time to understand the research.

Learn more with PubTrawlr!

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